Thursday, September 26, 2013

1 Timothy 6:6-19

Pentecost +19 — Year C

Fight the good fight.

This is where we wrestle with what to trust. Here it is phrased in terms of eternity, which is just one of many pen names of G*D. After filtering out all the highfalutin attributions of immortality, unapproachable light, and the like, strive to give life. This is the measure of value to be used in evaluating whether we have dealt honorably with our opportunities.

So what can be trusted in your life? Because of one experience or another or many is there anything trustable? If not, I’m sorry to have not striven well enough for you. If you suspect there might be something trustable, then comes the testing of it. The witness of the generations is that economic systems come and go so whatever “rich” means is both uncertain and never attainable as there will never be enough riches to take uncertainty out of the equation. The same holds true with applicable commandments and cultural norms. Blessings on sorting through the appearances to bedrock, foundational values.

As you struggle with your trust issues and attendant decisions, there are four interrelated tasks that can be noted for the stewardship of what we do have, whether large or small. With what you do have, 
  • apply it to do as much long-term good as possible
  • record those acts that they might be remembered in future times of choice
  • factor in that just a bit more could be invested in making a change
  • again, both intend good and carry it through

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