Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Luke 16:19-31

Pentecost +19 - Year C

Luke 16:19-31

Whether ignoring the poor by sticking a nose in a newspaper, attending to Facebook, or listening to your tunes, we have a multitude of ways to compartmentalize our lives. We don't know just what technique for separation this particular rich man used to ignore Lazarus but it seemed to work for him.

Alive or dead, Lazarus didn't make a difference in the economic and political arenas of his world.

Periodically, when circumstances become dire enough for a large enough group, there comes a revolution that would put the ignoring-class in enough hurt to be a warning to future generations of "ignorers". Of course they will also ignore the lessons of their predecessors.

Smashing ignorance and revolution together we find "angels" to be fomenters of revolution leading the currently ignored to a favored position.

Those who do not attend to the prophets won't attend to historical precedent, much less learn from it. Their addiction to short-term personal gain is too all-consuming.

May you be an "angel" this week and for as long as there is not enough for all because of the hoarding of a few.

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