Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Psalm 105:1-6,16-22, 45b

Year A - Pentecost +9 or Community Practice 9
August 10, 2014

Looking back we are able to discern a variety of paths that were open to us. In particular we can track how what looked like a disaster had a wee crack through which escape was possible.

Having that same clarity in the present is much more difficult. The options can’t really be weighed against one another. Every chart we make to list pluses and minuses is colored by our desires and is thus very untrustworthy. It is not much better when it comes to the future. We can catch a glimpse of how we might be different, but applying it in the present with any certainty is highly problematic.

All in all, we can revision history but not clearly vision the present. This is to say that application of history can’t be counted on. Whether we know our past or not, the weight of life is to repeat what we have done.

Our work is the difficult work of learning enough to teach, teaching it, and learning from our teaching how to better teach.

Blessings to you in sorting through your possibilities, picking a path, and proceeding long enough to make one more course adjustment.

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