Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Romans 10:5-15

Year A - Pentecost +9 or Community Practice 9
August 10, 2014

Searching for meaning? Well, it’s not going to be found over there. Meaning is always tied up with current experience that we either choose to move further into or further away from by deliberately designing new experiences.

Salvation or wholeness is not to be found in any particular affirmation with either heart or lips. It is a moving target that continues to extend our engagement one moment longer to look at the present through the lens of whatever is next and then to adjust again.

So what good news are you sensing coming your way? Can you hear the hoofbeats of a very intentional rider coming with a new pair of glasses that you might catch a better glimpse of your life? If you can, are you taking a step in that direction or poising to run like the dickens lest you have the information you need to change where you are in the world? This approach-avoidance choice is a part of the glass half-full/half-empty hard wiring we have. Fortunately the wiring can be re-wired.

You might want to take a good look at your feet and thank them for bringing you this far along. Regardless of whether they still have health and strength to get you one more step, they have brought you this far. From here other modes of transportation are available to spread the good news you have within.

This good news is not about everyone becoming a lock-step creedalist, but about setting one another one notch freer. With or without hammer-toes or diabetes sores, thank those beautiful feet for doing their best to carry a beautiful soul.

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