Monday, November 30, 2015

Luke 21:25-36

Year C - Advent 2 or Needed Change 2
December 6, 2015

It was definitely not the best of times when Tiberius modeled reigning for Pontius Pilate, Herod/Philip/Trachonitis/Lysanias, and Annas/Caiaphas. Into another of the worst times came a word to John Zechariahsen.

This word was an action, baptism. This action spoke of repentance and forgiveness. This, also, was another season for these to be brought to the fore. Prophet after prophet acted these out in various ways in various times.

Again it was ruler contesting against prophet. Later we will hear how the prophet again lost; and again won.

So we look at today’s rulers and today’s prophets. Listen to one of today’s prophets organizing in his way and time: The new fusion politics.

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