Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Psalm 127

Year B - Pentecost +24 or Energy to Witness 24
November 8, 2015

Psalm 127

How many houses have come and gone? How many cities? Even the most fabled fall with some never to be found again. We might ask where the "Lord" has been.

Who among us hasn't questioned our getting up early and a lack of sleep? Again a question about where the "Lord" has been. Has the Sabbath been a Sabbath for the "Lord" and a day of rest has lasted as long as any metaphoric "Day" lasts in biblical apocalyptic language?

We finally get to our work of raising up power to overtake the power of others and establish our "heritage". Wombs are a work place for replicating soldiers all too soon gone. So we need a first quiver full of "arrows" and then a second and third. No wonder a poor womb begins to weep.

Widows without protection become all too common as those protectors are siphoned off into one quiver or another and the widow quivers in their loss.

Oh, yes, happy man; sad woman.

So, how do we redefine power and "quivers" and "arrows" other than how it affects wombs and widows?

Time for a new song.

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