Monday, November 09, 2015

Mark 12:13:1-8

Year B - Pentecost +25 or Energy to Witness 25
November 15, 2015

D: Look what large buildings they now have that will soon be ours!

J: Wrong perspective the buildings will be not be theirs or yours.

D: Well, then, when is that going to happen?—that these walls come tumbling down?

J: Oh no you don’t! Prediction is a fool’s game. Don’t be taken in by rumors, no matter how common-sensical they appear on the surface. Such speculation only gets you sound-and-fury. 


But you might find the beginning of wisdom in recognizing there is nothing new under the sun and there is no good reason why a creation birthed in “It is good” should have to come to an unruly end instead of a peaceful and satisfied sigh.

D: Is that orthodox? 

J: Of course it is. Those who have eyes will see such blessing in the midst of every confusion and pull back every tangled web woven to deceive you into thinking wars are real and mercy is not. Watch, attend, see, act, grow.

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