Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Isaiah 43:16-21

Year C - Lent5 or Conviction5
March 13, 2016

I rely on one pair of glasses for my engagement with life. Sometimes I clip on a sunglass. Periodically I clean them. Still, it is one pair of glasses.

I am sometimes aware that a new set of lenses are needed. No not just for physical seeing, but envisioning a better way of living. A new way of living (new thing) is sensed springing forth just beyond my current ability to see it. This is a sense beyond a yearning. There are little signs all around and they are just under my new-lifedar. The lenses needed won’t simply make use of a different band of energy spectra, but will see the connections between this small sign today with its larger cousin found in tomorrow.

Do note it is OK to stop this reading with the 20th verse. Here ends the descriptive and leaves off the purpose of common good being for G*D-praise. That praise may well arise, but it is not the primary goal. Here we are looking for a better way through the current wilderness of imperialism to find the refreshment of simple water in a very dry time (yes, a climate change rise in oceans will increase the lament of water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink).

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