Thursday, March 10, 2016

Philippians 3:4b-14

Year C - Lent5 or Conviction5
March 13, 2016

Each of us could put our experience and interpretation of life up against anyone else. The competitive gene is alive and well in each culture. Even in “cooperative” relationships we have those who cooperate better than others.

To set up Christ as a commodity that imbues us with some “righteousness” external to ourselves is to revert to the easy out of one atonement theory after another. There is a lack of creation-based theology in this approach.

The nard of life we have with us. How we proceed to use it is the question at hand. This is far simpler than some grand goal of a prize of some “heavenly” “call” that comes through Jesus who had quite enough to do with his own call. We might use this simpler approach to affirm, “The Nard is with you!”; use it.

For some this seeming reduction in the function of Jesus betrays their experience of an outside reality. For some this same process will affirm their inner experience. Blessings on both engaging the differences of others. This blessings is a goal worth pressing for.

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