Friday, January 04, 2008

G*D's rich variety of wisdom

Epiphany – Year A

G*D's rich variety of wisdom
reveals itself in every setting
reveals every setting in itself
sets every revealing free
reveals freedom in every settling

such action startles
as it reveals star-led people
diving deep into imagination
to soar beyond and into
this everyday day

even three stooges of magi
bumbling their way westward
toward a setting sun
see a rising star
promising a better tomorrow

before powers that be
they faux pas all over themselves
setting up babies to be glorified
and babies to be slaughtered
and themselves likewise

from stars from afar
to startling dreams
they provide comic relief
and theologic panentheism
intertwining and leaping

what rich wisdom
to reveal in everyday faces
such as our mirrored own
innocent serpents
sly doves

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