Monday, January 14, 2008

John 1:29-42

Epiphany 2 – Year A

John 1:29-42

While recognizing another one of those conversations that demonstrates that communication between two human beings is nearly impossible, here is a potential look behind the scene by focusing on optical recognition.

John begins: he saw Jesus coming toward him, he saw a spirit come and remain on Jesus, he watched Jesus go by and said, "Look."

Those who did something about the direction to "look" and did something about it (stealthily following), carry the story onward.

Jesus saw them and asked what they were looking for.

The response is in terms of where Jesus might be staying. To keep the visual going this might be thought of as a request for the perspective from which Jesus views the world. "Where is your point of view located?"

To which Jesus responds, come and "see".

Together they gazed in the same direction until late afternoon.

Later, Andrew goes to his brother and says, "We have seen a new heaven and a new earth and our viewpoint will no longer be the same. Come and see for yourself."

Jesus looked at Simon and saw a new person (new name). His looking and seeing revealed (made it so) what was already there.

As those who have seen a new light, we go forth to see what is not yet revealed and, by that seeing, bring it to life. May you be seen to your depths and may you see others and together may you see beyond the mysterious circle of behind and before, and strike out together to live out of and find a new viewing place where blessing abounds.

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