Monday, January 07, 2008

Matthew 3:13-17

Epiphany 1 – Year A

Matthew 3:13-17

Coming from the "East", the Magi crossed the Jordan River to bring gifts to Jesus. Coming from Galilee, Jesus comes to the Jordan River for another gift and will then cross the Jordan River for additional gifts in the wilderness.

The River Jordan is a place of crossings and openings in both directions. Gaelicly speaking it is a "thin place." Metaphorically, it is at the Jordan River that Holy Land meets Not-Holy Land and, in the meeting, those designations disappear into one another. Our distinctions fail us in the waters of Belovedness.

John's baptism becomes an opening to Jesus to his particular belovedness. John's or Jesus' baptism becomes an opening to us for our particular belovedness. We are authorized to carry on the tradition of opening others to their belovedness.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of the particulars of Baptism and miss the larger prophetic pronouncement – Belovedness (regardless of its etiology).

The questions that lie ahead will have to do with what we will do with a vision of Belovedness that includes us and what will keep us from fulfilling its blessings in and through us.

Yes, remember your Baptism and be glad. Be glad you are Beloved by G*D and Neighbor. What? You haven't recognized your Belovedness? Oh, well, you are anyway!

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