Monday, January 21, 2008

Isaiah 9:1-4

Epiphany 3 – Year A

Isaiah 9:1-4

While it sounds as if there is a moment in which gloom gives way to joy, darkness to light, and contempt is shattered in one fell blow, there is, for those who have the eyes to see, a slower process that has been building to such times of recognition that once we were one way and now we are another.

True believers have a difficult time with this, but those who honor the questions life keep posing to the most obtuse and recalcitrant find they are always on the cusp of great change – change surfers.

As you continue the process of finding a new home because life has changed, or new acquaintances, or new tasks, may you find your quotient of joy also rising. There is nothing carved in stone that won't erode. Even an old man of the mountain moves from hillside to human face.

This is new birth, birth from above, birth from below – new birth. This is faith, hope, and love all rolled together – the joy of change. Revel in it while you can and help those around you to enjoy their own letting go.

In terms of relatively local news, ice jams are causing floods on rivers. As the National Weather Service notes in their own special way of capitalized reports, ICE JAMS ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO PREDICT. THEREFORE...IT IS UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME HOW HIGH THE RIVER WILL RISE AT ANY ONE LOCATION.

Even if difficult to predict, ice does jam and unjam, life does gloom and joy, time does darken and lighten, people accept slavery and demand freedom. Current reality is, deal with it. A different reality is already underway, be ready for it.

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