Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Genesis 29:15-28

Pentecost +11 – Year A

Genesis 29:15-28

Parables of G*D's Presence are all around us, all the time. What is not present is our presentness to G*D's Presence. Lack of anticipation of it degrades our ability to be aware of it at all.

G*D's Presence is like Laban asking Jacob, "What might I give you?"

Desires are expressed and frustrated and met in the context of reward for the past and investment in a future. Tricksters are tricked. Tricksters of tricksters are tricked. The unloved are opened to new life, the loved are opened to new life.

And, in turn, we are asked, "What might I give you?" We are bold to ask for the unconventional and willing to take the conventional. We are bold to keep asking for the road less traveled.

G*D's Presence is as slow and quick as "7 years". As you look back over the last seven years, having received more than you expected, how will you reinvest in the next seven years? In thanksgiving for the past, may you rejoice that this day will move you and yours into a larger future. In anticipation of the future, may you rejoice that this day deepens a fulfillment of the past. Whether you mostly live in thanksgiving or anticipation, may you feast well this day.

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