Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Psalm 65

Pentecost +9 – Year A

Psalm 65

Ask G*D, "Who is family?" The Psalmist sees G*D responding, "Creation." Each part wanting to not only play its part, but take on more. There is not only an optimal environmental economy (and that is perceived differently when different values are used as measuring rods), but a rebalancing of too much wind or water in time and space.

The Psalmist perceives G*D's goal to be to find an equalized balance, at least for the moment, when each part sings for joy, together, with the others. Less than joyful singing comes when one perspective or presumptive value trumps the rest.

Here is a brief article, Economy of the Earth, that reflects on how G*D's family of creation can be separated from one another and G*D by market forces and capitalism, that which has an investment in seeing their corner increase in value regardless of other needs. A question before us is that of having the eyes to see "family" in contexts other than human biology. With a clear picture we can identify those parts of the family that hold us back and those parts that call us to move on whether they be economic theologies or Gaian limits.

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