Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Genesis 32:22-31

Pentecost +12 – Year A

Genesis 32:22-31

Sure enough, being alone is tough. If we've just sent a crowd away, we still have an identity to wrestle with.

Wrestling through who we are now to the folks we once knew is painful. It is like competitively forcing oneself to an advanced yoga asana – some hip is going to be permanently out of joint, at least a nose.

Rejoice that an unexpected blessing can come from folks showing up out of the blue or settling down for a long winter's nap.

A face of G*D is constantly showing up. We find that face in others needing mercy. We find that face in ourself needing mercy. Having been trained in parables we can see G*D's Presence anywhere and everywhere.

May you find the blessing of a face of G*D in your today.

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  1. Here's my entry from Sunday's Child, www/unamalachica.blogspot.com:

    When Jacob wrestled Esau's blessing away from Isaac, he then went into exile for a couple of decades. Blessings can carry costs.

    We're told in verse 24-25, that a man struggles with Jacob. Yet, in verse 30, Jacob says that he has seen God face to face? Who was he struggling with? Is it possible to wrestle with anyone without that struggle being with God?

    How much has Jacob changed because of each of his wrestling matches? He walks away from this match, limping. Will he continue to limp?

    How much of this is about the man Israel and how much about the nation Israel? How much is about us?


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