Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exodus 33:12-23

Pentecost +23 – Year A

Exodus 33:12-23

Goodness can be blinding. This comes from both the sparks of new life that burst forth as a result of goodness and the turning away from goodness by those who fear it will lead them where they would fear to tread.

So the understanding of goodness being too much to look upon directly or in advance. Goodness is best dealt with after the fact.

When we begin to attribute goodness as an expected quality, it isn't long before we are disappointed. Likewise, when we intend goodness to flow from a present action, we are soon discouraged by the number of unintended consequences that also come forth.

Would that we would temper our anticipation of someone good arising to lead us out of our current situation all too clearly connected with our past decisions. That goodness will not be forthcoming. Likewise to come at decisions more humbly, doing the best we know at the time without universalizing it. Decisions always take place in the gray areas of life or they wouldn't be decisions.

What we are left with is the backside of goodness. We can recognize it by what comes to pass. This leads us to simply rejoice at the presence of goodness in the midst of so much that isn't. As folks made in G*D's image, having Glory within us, we are called to doing all the good we can, with all the folks and all the time we have. This, however, needs to be carried out with the humility of backsides. May it be our everyday life to sow seeds of kindness and tend them as they sprout. Much later there will be stories told not only of John Chapman but (your name here) as the fruits of simple goodness mature and nourish.

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