Monday, October 27, 2008

Matthew 23:1-12

Pentecost +25 – Year A

Matthew 23:1-12

In what guise will the Messiah appear today?

My learning is going to be impacted by the clarity and breadth of my ability to see beyond the surface of Messiah regalia to the variety of ways a beloved community is revealed.

The greatest among us will model their accumulated wisdom. They will lead us forth, teach us that which was too difficult until this moment. They are Spirit incarnated. From time to time they will be folks mutually affirmed as consistent sparks of new vision. From time to time they will be folks who surprise for their brief instant, not even fifteen minutes of fame, but, for a critical moment, an indispensable blessing.

Those who attempt to claim a spot without it arising from lived experience will be ambition personified. Even if it is I who so claims a vision from G*D, my posing will be revealed. And so Jesus reminds us about the importance of loving one another. For today I am Messiah, tomorrow, you, and in time after that the joy of another.

In what guise does Messiah not appear?

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