Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23

Pentecost +22 – Year A

Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23

An unsung superhero: The Deflector.

In the presence of a gap between the powerful and the un-powerful, the privileged and the un-privileged, and the holy and the un-holy, The Deflector simply stands.

This seemingly inconsequential act of standing does make a significant difference. It keeps all the un-people from being utterly abolished or annihilated. This is an honorable task for a super-hero. In fact it is a quite doable act by anyone.

First, The Deflector has open eyes to recognize gaps between people.

Second, The Deflector analyzes the relationship.

Third, The Deflector moves into the gap and turns to face the more powerful, privileged, holy to hold their passion and purpose at bay.

Fourth, The Deflector at some point transforms into The Reflector. By this shift the powerful catch a glimpse of what schmucks they have been and the un-powerful catch a glimpse of how pathetic they have been. In this manner the powerful pause and the un-powerful perk up – the field and relationship is leveled.

How are you doing in being recruited as the next Deflector/Reflector in your community? If not yet acknowledged, are you at least practicing? When this post is not filled, a lot of people are hurt and social injustice runs rampant, personal injustice rears its head.

Who do you know who is calling you to stand before them thinking you will be deflecting injustice away from them and will be surprised to see their own power revealed to them so they too can stand? If you have only a hint, it is enough to call you to the ranks of Holy Moses and Saint Syzygus and carry on the tradition of doing your best for the un-people.

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