Friday, October 03, 2008

Hear another story

Pentecost + 21 – Year A

Let's listen in on the opening of the four pericopes:

- Hear another story. Listen closely.
- G*D speaks story after story, word after word.
- A story begun in creation and
- confidently enfleshed in my story.

The latest G*D story, against the background of an acceptance by steadfast love, contains the specifics of your story, my story, our story. These are stories that need to be told in our day.

In these stories we will hear hard and easy things about ourselves. We will hear about killing those who are not duly deferent. We will hear a beautiful silence between stories. We will hear a yearning for resurrection in the present, not just the past or future.

As we listen we will have a choice of hearing how murderous we still are and responding to a call of prophetic change.

Our choice will define our meaning and shape the coming generations. If our response is to envision killing, Jesus will affirm that that is what we see and gently encourage us to stumble over an alternative lest what we prescribe becomes our fate. If our response is to pay attention to the gift of silence and resurrection, we will be encouraged to change our behavior in light of a better and larger vision, as bright as the sun and as inspirational as the moon.

Do you want to respond to the questions of life and not just stay on some conditioned message? Listen to your story and learn from creation's deep heart's core.(1)

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