Thursday, April 09, 2009

Acts 10:34-43

Easter – Year B

Acts 10:34-43

Insight, when it finally dawns, is wonderful to behold. "I truly understand, now, finally, that G*D shows no partiality!"

That's a life time of work for some folks, while others arrive there more quickly they still have to decide how to live it out for insight is not per se action. I can perceive a cross without bearing it.

In keeping with a focus on Saturday's Grave time, it is important to see a dynamic of new possibility going on under our noses, beneath the ground of our being. How does Peter finally come to the insight about impartiality?

Here is a story from the Wesley Study Bible that pushes at the same point: When a young person felt the call to become a missionary, they felt privileged to study and thought it their responsibility to take G*D to other people. The story of Peter and Cornelius teaches us just the opposite. Cornelius is a Gentile and yet G*D gives him the vision to seek Peter. This is an example of the Wesleyan doctrine of prevenient grace – of G*D loving us even before we know G*D. Now that young person who became a missionary is much more humble in their mission theology and sees G*D at work around the world – well in advance of a missionary visit. [note: slightly modified according to my biases regarding language]

To be impartial is not to be lacking in passion. It is to affirm that new life is available to everyone, regardless of track-record or prospects. In this resurrections are taking place daily. Be ready to enjoin and enjoy the one already coming your way.

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