Monday, April 20, 2009

Luke 24:13-49

Easter 3 – Year B

Luke 24:13-49

Talking to compatriots builds solidarity. If that is all that goes on, it also builds deafness to other perspectives. Whether true-believers or true-disappointees circle their wagons, there is a built-in barrier to hearing another way, even if it may be of assistance.

In this setting, even a spirit-breathed word doesn't illuminate. Jesus can talk until he is blue in the face and not make a dent in the armor of like-talking-to-like.

When faced with these sorts of situations street-theatre is needed – he took bread, blessed, and broke it.

He was recognized. He vanished. Mission accomplished. Who was that masked man?

Now the good part – they returned to other compatriots and were able to introject a new perspective in the old conversation. The two on the road become the presence of Jesus in their old crowd; it was as if Jesus himself stood among them.

Having broken the spell, each can now go forth to other relationships and be witnesses of the reality of suffering and the process of repentance and forgiveness that raises us from simply suffering.

Having received a virtual bread-blessing, may you break it again in solidarity with your neighbors. In this we find peace.

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