Tuesday, April 21, 2009



This last week the Clergy of our Circuit met for a meal and a farewell to me as I prepare for retirement to the other side of the state. Good food, laughs with fake gifts, and good gifts for camping and reading were shared. One of pastors gifted me with an honor unexpected – my own words reshaped into liturgy. May you experience your own words unexpectedly showing up as liturgy.

The original text included last year's reflection on Emmaus (thus appropriate for this week), and others from May 2006 and January 2007.

Words thrown back in one's face diminish; those lovingly reflected enhance. Thanks, Grace.

Here then is the litany:

ONE: To know and to be known,
            inside out,
            is a great pleasure

ALL: and a great threat.

ONE: (not Wesley's words) Friends in this circle of circuit clergy
            we have begun to know each other, inside out
            We have offered a pleasure and a great threat. . . .
                    (back to Wesley's words)
            We have come to know that with or without power from on high
             Jesus is capable of surprising.

ONE: Jesus becomes recognizable in the breaking of bread and
                  the sharing a cup.
            And, then, like any good catalyst, Jesus leaves unchanged,
            but leaves a changed situation.

ALL: Jesus becomes a new community
            and gives it space to re-form.

ONE: it takes several times around the block

ALL: no only going around once for me

ONE: it takes several times around the block
            and then all at once for no reason at all
            what once was a silent loneliness
            rattles the windows of our rooms

ALL: no only going around once for me
            it takes several times around the block
            what once was a silent loneliness
            rattles the windows of our rooms

WESLEY: rattles the windows of our rooms
            with every timbre of joy

ONE: a few more laps bring an understanding
            of perfection never being perfect
            and wholeness always being whole

ALL: a few more laps sets our eyes anew on
            what might yet be beyond joy

WESLEY: and but a bit further
            lies a funeral barge
            and final words
            still searching for peace
            still praying for souls

ALL: still trusting simply trusting


  1. Wesley this is so beautiful. Blessings to you in this next phase of your life.

    I trust (hope) the blog will continue?

  2. Time will tell. There will probably be at least a brief hiatus during the transition time.

    Thanks for your encouragement.


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