Friday, April 03, 2009

Strength of Conviction

Palm Sunday – Year B

Palm branches were the "Yes We Can" advertisements of their day. If palm branches can be political placards, what can't be.

A part of our spirit energy is to open our eyes to the usually invisible symbols of our time. What political message is a "Forclosed" letter giving? What about reports regarding percentage of graduates in a school system? Infant mortality and numbers of people incarcerated are other political signs to be waved, not waived.

Here we are using "political" in its broadest term of decision-making process. If the "Romans" of that or any day have come or are on the horizon, what options are open, which are not, and why would we put any in the "not open" category if faithfulness to a larger vision is important. A near-the-end-of-Lent reflection on whether we are willing to take the consequences of our belief is still in order.

No matter how many palms are waving it won't be long before they morph into fists waving. Eventually we will have to face the strength of our conviction (both that brought against us and that rising from within).

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