Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Acts 10:44-48

Easter 6 – Year B

Acts 10:44-48

Wouldn't you know it! Just when we thought we had an unrepeatable experience that would set us apart for all time and give evidence of our worthiness, along come these least-likely folks to replicate our experience.

Choice: Accept or resist this reality.

Hopefully when we return from our exalted moment we re-enter everyday living with a difference. We have learned that nothing is impossible and that not only includes us, but all. Here is a real opportunity for all boats to rise. The Market will never do that, but a new spirit can.

Instead of continuing to presume upon our elevated status as a spirit-touched person, we are renewed enough to join Jesus in not presuming upon our status with G*D. We can meet folks between our experiences and grow further together than we ever dreamed. We are also renewed enough to affirm our status with G*D. We can encourage and be encouraged to grow further together than we ever dreamed.

We'll stay on together for a bit and then move on and return and move on. See your life as a dance. This takes some distance and perspective over the long haul. But see your pirouette, your lift, your two-stepping/jive/samba/ waltz/free-style dance of a lifetime. Change partners and allemande left. Break out your tutu and pas de deux as you ready to move from position one to Arabesque.

Ready or not, here comes baptismal water. A sprinkle or a tsunami of baptismal water. Baptismal water approved by others or not. Beyond objection, baptismal water flows and flows.

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