Friday, May 08, 2009

swing slow . . .

Easter 5 – Year B

swing slow . . .

resurrection comes dropping slow
honey molasses slow
slow enough
when awareness dawns
it seems as if it had sprinted
all the way from creation to now

in the mystery of transition
from winter to harvest
we find confusion aplenty
of all our previous categories
of up and down and in and out
fast and slow and back and forth

from graves closed and open
we wonder about pruning
just how much needs to go on
to roll a stone way
to lay clothes aside
to become an anonymous gardener

is it this thought
that action
a future or a past
a name or a title
resources or hope
how much more

is this yearning for pruning
a suicide wish
a commitment to growth
simply a shedding of skin
or many meta-s at once
angelically visiting from thither and yon

fear relief feels tectonically paced
in minds less long-lived
may persistence erode
fear of pain of death
until slowness is sweet

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