Friday, May 15, 2009

beyond logic

Easter 6 – Year B

beyond logic

as . . . so . . . : therefore . . .
makes it sound so definitive
here are the facts
as I have been loved
so I love you
therefore stay
where I can love you
stay with my commands
loving commandments
of course

if . . . then . . .
keeps it sounding authoritative
if you just stay
obeying commands
following commandments
abiding loyally
then you'll
abide loyally
follow commandments
obey commands

can you hear joy in these logics
is it bubbling up
about to arrive
if only
is this the way to friendship
or a polite cover for indenture
chosen without choosing

appointed for productivity
not for planned obsolescence
but for long term fruit
fruit to eat
seeds to plant
plants to tend
harvests to reap
fruit to eat

ask what you will
this is what you'll get
fruit to eat
enjoy wholly
holy joy

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