Friday, May 01, 2009

I abides

Easter 4 – Year B

I yam what I yam
and that’s all what I yam
a last resort spinach guzzler
come to save the day
if necessary
please say it ain’t necessarily so

now I lay me down to sleep
a rock in the gateway
astral projecting
elsewhere in creation
all the way back to creation
I be loved and be loving

some call me good
some a dirty shepherd
some Netzer
and some not at all
so I’ll just abide
whether called or no

one shepherd one flock
sometime one
sometime the other
together no wants
separate Death Valleys
a comfort way open

sometime deep
sometime artesian
sometime comfortable
sometime not

now you see me
now you don’t
shepherd of this flock
and shepherd of that
knowing all
known not at all

welcome to my world
rejected stone
table setter
the fall and rise
of Reginald Perrin
or Nazareth Jesus

so stand we all
so say we all
healthy and whole
once fearful
but an oasis met
canteen filled

little kid
second-childhood kid
wise kid
and silly
abide abide
love abides

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