Monday, February 22, 2010

Luke 13:31-35

Lent 2 - Year C

Luke 13:31-35

Thank you, Pharisees, for an honorable warning, even if it does play to your benefit.

Thank you, Jesus, for an honorable persistence and honorable heeding, even if it does play to your demise.

Just as there are a variety of personalities and perspectives, so there are a variety of ways to be honorable.

This passage challenges our honor. What can we say we are doing to transform the world around us? Is Health Care Reform with a Public Option the moral and political equivalent of "casting out demons and performing cures"?

This passage challenges our wisdom. Are we clear when we take a half-a-step forward and "be on our way", even if it is less than optimal? Are we as clear when we take a stand, "in Jerusalem", finally, for we can do no other?

When such becomes clear there is an equal clarity of blessing.

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