Thursday, February 18, 2010

Romans 10:(5-8a) 8b-13 (14-15)

Lent 1 - Year C

Romans 10:(5-8a) 8b-13 (14-15)

Beautiful news comes on good feet. Here's some encouraging news: a gift of love and life can be heard without a herald. It is part of living locally while imagining globally. As we are shaken about and come through, we give evidence, in any language or religious paradigm, of good and beauty - high value values.

How might we proclaim the best of what Moses, Confucius, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Joe Smith, Lao Tzu learned, lived, and taught? [Note: It is sad how few would recognize the leadership of Miriam, Mary Magdaline, Mary Baker Eddy or other women unnamed through the ages.] By doing the best of what you have to offer as the follower of one or another or on your own.

In this case, Christ is proclaimed by abundant living, not intermediate creedal interpretations of an ideal faith. It is this abundant living that is able to come through wilderness temptations and carry on, nonetheless.

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