Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Psalm 138

Epiphany 5 - Year C

Psalm 138

The Psalmist calls G*D.
Peter was commissioned by Jesus.
Isaiah responds to a question from on high.

There are so many ways to be in relationship to G*D. Each with its strength and weakness.

Callers can get to be a bit presumptuous. Thanks can slide over to bribery by an effusive tongue.

Those commissioned can attempt to change the commission of the one who commissioned them, thus changing their own commission to something with which they are more comfortable.

Responders may have the easiest time as the question and response format begins a relationship, they don't have to bring the other side in or try to haggle for a better deal.

Has your story mostly been that of Psalmist, Peter, or Isaiah? After taking a second look at that question, where is it now and where would you like it to be?

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