Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Psalm 27

Lent 2 - Year C

Psalm 27

To "behold beauty" and "inquire" are almost enough to fill all the days of my life. We sometimes make that specific to our experience base and limit a beautiful life to G*D and our inquiry to a religious setting. These specifics are examples, not limits.

We look to having our beholding and inquiring fulfilled. So we move from verse 4 to verse 7 and yearn for grace and answers. We don't usually find these as ultimates and so we turn to verse 11 for teaching and leading onward and onward and onward from beautiful question to beautiful question.

In this teaching and leading, whether during a Lenten season or not, we are able to conclude that we will "live as if" goodness in this life were avail-able and action-able. Our active living through the seasons of life will demonstrate courage to both wait and "live as if".

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