Friday, January 28, 2011


Epiphany 4 - Year A

beloved are the poor, ready for fulfillment
beloved are mourners, ready for dawn
beloved are the gentle, already living their inheritance
beloved are those who yearn for wholeness, satisfaction has begun
beloved are the mercy-full, their joy overflows
beloved are those forgiven, they see G*D everywhere
beloved are those steady in peace, images of G*D for others
beloved are refugees, their home shall travel with them
beloved are those reviled for good, their worthy work will reveal them

beloved are the fair-hearted, they ground reality
beloved are the kindly-lived, they enhance creation
beloved are the humble-minded, they reveal the future

beloved are you, period
beloved am I, comma

beloved, be loved, be love, be


  1. God is love. I think I like this word, I thank you very much

  2. Belovedness plays a crucial role in Jesus' life. One might suggest it becomes the key to reading "the rest of the story" (both forward and backward). It even sheds a light on "repentance".


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