Monday, January 03, 2011

Matthew 3:13-17

Epiphany 1 - “Baptism of the Lord” - Year A

So often we would prevent others from receiving what we have. Somehow or other we play an exaggerated zero-sum game when it comes to ourselves - If “they” get some of what I have, I won’t have anything!

Here Baptizer John has a variation on with that by preventing himself from offering what he has. He plays a “poor me” game.

Jesus has a helpful approach to change - “For the moment, let’s just try it as an experiment and see what happens. If it turns out the way you say, I’ll do it your way. If it turns out what you have to offer is more than you think you have, we’ll just take the results.”

The Baptizer consented to this approach and baptized Jesus for repentance of sins.

Turns out that the Baptizer’s baptism brought forth a great deal - belovedness restored.

Now the game is afoot. Angels singing of “Peace on Earth” is one thing, a dove’s coo of “beloved” is quite another. The first takes responsibility away from ourselves and the second energizes us to take one more step toward a healing of our past (see Healing of Memories by Dennis and Matthew Linn) that our present and future might blossom and grow.

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