Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Micah 6:1-8

Epiphany 4 - Year A

Micah 6:1-8

Talk about your on-going pop-quiz! Justice! Kindness! Humility!

Or should that be: justice. kindness. humility.

This is one of the lesser known passage regarding the honesty, integrity, judgment of the environment.

G*D is plaintiff and you and I and we are defendents, one and all. G*D’s case is very straight-forward and is placed before judge and jury - creation.

What are the mountains hearing about the way we treat the air, water, land? It is the canary in the mine for the way we treat one another and resources of exchange between us.

G*D’s complaint seems to be about the way we have treated G*D. The suit turns, however, on our relationships with one another. Were these to be characterized by justice, kindness, and humility the case would be thrown out. The mountains and hills could return to their everyday business, G*D’s relationship with us would be restored - as is done to a Neighbor, so it is done to G*D.

And so today’s quiz: Are you and yours any more just/fair than you were yesterday?

And so tomorrow’s quiz: Are you and yours any more kind than you were today?

And so a quiz for the day after tomorrow: Are you and yours any more humble/loving than you may think possible tomorrow?

And so the quizes continue, opportunity by opportunity.

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