Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Psalm 15

Epiphany 4 - Year A

Psalm 15

So what are the quizes from Jesus and Micah about. They are practical ways of training our hearts to be ready for healthy responses in very difficult situations.

When we begin to be ready for the next quiz and face a very human choice, that quiz can surface quickly because it is already anticipated. Engaged with questions of meaning will allow us to avoid an opportunity for slander because we are looking to be kind. Likewise, engaged with the deeper cycles of life will have us sidestep getting every tax break we can, every opportunity to get more at another’s expense, every occasion to take advantage. In light of desiring mercy, we will offer it.

Those who are willing to be quizzed again and again, end up solid in their learning, their growing toward G*D (theosis).

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