Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Genesis 25:19-34

Pentecost + 4 - Year A

Genesis 25:19-34

There are folks struggling within every denominational polity. Our usual characterization of them is “left” and “right”. A church body has every right to join Rebekah in wondering how it is going to make it.

When Rebekah or the church searches for a larger perspective on what is going to come of this internal struggle, the easy and predictable response is that there is a division coming. A shift from rural to urban is anticipated. A shift from patriarch (Isaac) to matriarch (Rebekah) is already underway. What shift today do you see as building on these shifts of the past?

What do you consider your birthright to be - beloved? assured? - and what is it worth to you? Perhaps the question of Matthew about what sort of seedbed you are, may here be looked at in terms of what kind of seed you are.

At what point do you think Isaac rued having prayed for children by Rebekah? He seems to have gotten more than he expected, which may be as great a difficulty as getting less.

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