Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Psalm 65:(1-8), 9-13

Pentecost + 4 - Year A

Psalm 65:(1-8), 9-13

Since we have a potential break after verse 8 or a start up at verse 9, we might wonder about who the “You” is at the beginning. If you start with verse 1 you might be tempted to claim it is G*D. If you were to hand this to someone starting at verse nine, they might think it was about them.

Try reading 9-13 as a reference to yourself. Here is the Common English Translation:

You visit the earth
and make it abundant,
   enriching it greatly
      by God’s stream, full of water.
You provide people with grain
   because that is what you’ve decided.
Drenching the earth’s furrows,
      leveling its ridges,
   you soften it with rain showers;
      you bless its growth.
You crown the year
with your goodness;
   your paths overflow with rich food.
Even the desert pastures drip with it,
   and the hills are dressed in pure joy.
The meadowlands are covered with flocks,
   the valleys decked out in grain—
      they shout for joy;
      they break out in song!

Have you decided something other than to provide for the earth and people?
What then might your decision point to?
How’s that going for you?
Have you recently heard a shout for joy regarding your decisions?

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