Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pentecost +8 - Year A

Matthew 14:22-33

With everyone fed it was time to get back to the agenda of Jesus dealing with John's execution. Thousands were send home healed and fed. The disciples were put in a boat and sent to the other side.

Whew. Prayer time. And it was evening, preparation for days to come. And it was night with the chaos of sea churning again. And it was morning with waves still riding high and Jesus somehow present among them.

What was the result of evening prayer and midnight storm and a morning walk? It was to hear great desire, to encourage the same, and to keep it alive when trembling.

I wish to walk beyond my current limits. Invite me forward.

Simply put, "OK. Come on."

What more need be said? Nothing. Those words are still echoing, waiting for your response.

Yes, the wind will still be blowing. Unexpected currents are to be expected. Second thoughts will likely arise. A steadying hand is still needed.

After this foray into desiring forward, a harbor with reduced wind is helpful for consolidating what was learned.

Was not leaving Jesus alone a time of worship? When asked what you have done for Jesus today, don't forget to say, "I stayed out of his way!"

Was not sailing toward another mission a time of worship? Don't forget to call travel time as important as encounter time.

Was not experimenting with desire a time of worship? Imagine how much more worship is available that what we have come to call "worship".

Was not acknowledging fear an important part of "growth" (another word for worship).

So what is this sense of "worship" so limited to "Son of G*D" language and a sense of miracle, when everything is miraculous.

May your prayer lead you to better listening, encouraging, strengthening.
May your worship rejoice in everyday growth.

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