Friday, July 08, 2011

learning abundance

Pentecost + 4 - Year A

learning abundance

to fisherfolk
farmers are crazy
and vice versa

for fisherfolk to listen
to a farm story
chuckles begin

a sower
sowed everywhere
what a foolish farmer

a sower sowed
on a highway
expecting ocean smelt

farmers - what can be done
with such stick-in-the-muds
but be comic relief

a sower sowed
on rocky ground
hoping for trout in the sea

yes farmers cause us
to lift our face to the wind
and laugh and laugh

a sower sowed
on thorny ground
looking for salmon in a bathtub

oh my farmer friend
monkeys can type a masterpiece
you’ll get it yet - guffaw

a sower sowed
on good soil
a proven fishing ground

finally a farmer finds fruitfulness
whew, couldn’t have taken much more
poor farmer but we’re OK

sheep vs cattle
fisher vs farmer
Esau vs. Jacob

G*D vs. Adamah
Cain vs. Abel

priest vs. prophet
nature vs. nurture

and later asea
no fish today
a rocky day

nets tore again
caught in weeds
all too empty

haunts our way

our laughter
comes back at us
asking for a new way

no condemnation
for fisher or farmer
trusters both

this old story
got abundance right

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