Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Temptation

Lent 1 - Year C 

having graduated from
a last temptation
after great exercise of wisdom
through ages of learning 
and clarifying of purpose
this framed certificate
is not holding well

qualified to deal with
a last temptation
means exactly that
while it appears
excruciatingly clear
that a last temptation
is not a present temptation

some similarities can be found
a last temptation
is not entirely unique
but the emotional tug
between past and present
seems always weighted
to today’s temptation

a stoney loaf for dessert
a last temptation
was just a set up
to move from power over
to simply implicit power
with no time between
to rebalance awareness

at the time
a last temptation
seemed a big thing
its overcoming
worth stars in a crown
an angel delivered meal
and so much more

for now
a last temptation
is simply that
if anything it relaxes
opening a way for
seven more to enter

successful defense of
a last temptation
opens more fronts
far from expected attack
not even dread came close
to anticipate vulnerabilities

while grateful for
a last temptation
against which to hone
policies and procedures
it is not at all predictive
of unintended consequences
or unrecognized fault lines

so here we stand
a last temptation
passed and past
and proud
only to be schooled
and again

a never-ending story
of last temptations
for no reason
for quid pro quo
for proof of G*D
for ever and on
is our opportunity

treading wilderness
a first blessing
shows belovedness
connected with creation
shared in community
anticipated through compassion
regardless of any next temptation

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