Friday, February 01, 2013

refugee's refuge

Epiphany 4 - Year C

a prophet’s first work
is a revelation to self

primal distress abounds
attention must be paid

who am I - beloved - really
what is my authority - clarity - really

so many unresolvable doubts
so many predicable fears

identity is refuge
always available in a moment

have identity
will travel

prophets do not reveal G*D
already closer than breath

prophets do reveal distance
from intention to consequence

we hurt the ones we love
when in them we see our captivity

prophets only do their best
to work themselves out of a job

their responsibility is great
even though they cannot be responsible

simply being there and here
their reflective nature is easily dismissed

patiently they give themselves away
insistently they endure hope

all for a moment of insight
put into motion from then on

oh, I have been a child
it is time to be accountable

face to face reveals
the distance we have come

face to face reveals
the distance yet to go

face to face reveals
belovedness clearly

face to face
refugees heal

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