Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Psalm 63:1-8

Lent 3 - Year C 

I seek
I thirst

in hand
on lips


to this
I cling
with this
I hold up
in this
I live

= = = = =

Alternatively you might want to hear Jim Taylor’s paraphrase:

The third Sunday in Lent, Psalm 63:1-8. Some downtown churches are thriving; many are memorials to a former glory. Why do we maintain them, when they’re so often empty? Because a few people still come there to seek sanctuary.

1   Crowds of people crush me. 
       They bump and bounce my mind; 
       they break my concentration. 
       I feel like nothing more than a means to an end,
       merely a cog in the crunching machinery of a city. 
       I long for the gentle touch of loving fingers, the intimate whisper of acceptance.
2   So I have come looking for you, Lord, in your holy places.
3   In this dimmed light, in this hushed silence, I sense your presence.
4   I wish I could feel you as near me in the rabid frenzy of life in the urban core. 
       I want to reach out and touch you in the marketplace as well as the chancel.
5   Then I will not feel alone; you will be part of every thought and every breath.
6   I will know you at my desk and in my den, in my bed and in my bathtub.
7   Nothing will come between us.
8   And I will hold you close in the forest of my fears.

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