Friday, February 08, 2013

Snippets from Luke 9:23-48

Epiphany - Last/Transfiguration - Year C

Snippets from Luke 9:23-48

attempts to save
that which is not lost
fires imagination
tires attention

the presence and practice
of wisdom personified
opens to disclose
while we doze

when attentive
at altitude or dead sea level
life is aglow
future flows

especially the past
pushes us onward
breath by breath
beyond death

until we shine
and affirm dying
scaring brothers
affronting others

there is no time to wait
buildings schmildings
too many unloved
need to be-loved

demons within
powers without

a strong word
and gentle hand
steel us to heal
every raw deal

in battles for greatness
a child’s potential
is welcomed
and becomes

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