Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hebrews 11:29 - 12:2

Pentecost +13 - Year C 

People acted. Presumably they acted on what they understood to be true for them, their faith (since we don’t have faith in that which doesn’t ring true for us). But, bottom-line, people acted.

Given the complexity of communities, there were undoubtedly some who simply acted because others led the way. It wasn’t a faith thing at all for them, just a path of least resistance.

Yet everyone on the winning side is accorded a trophy, faith is attributed to their actions whether they knew it or not. It is this mixed bag of the designated faithful we are called to emulate. They bear witness to actions accomplished and now surround us with encouragement, regardless of faith holding, to participate in the joy and journey of life. Even if you are but a tag-along, do so with all you can muster.

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