Monday, August 05, 2013

Luke 12:32-48

Pentecost +12 - Year C 

Want to be healed?

Ante up!

Here it is important to tell the difference between quid pro quo and expected outcome for an anticipated input.

When we lose track of these two dynamics and mistake one for the other, the word “unexpected” may be too mild for the expected results of such confusion.

So, will this be on some final exam or is it for the living now?

Do note that everyone get a beating, for who can read another’s mind or heart? There will be big or small slip-ups. This is simply the way a choice-based reality without sufficient information works.

Rather than read this as a rule to be memorized for a test, it is more helpfully experienced as a mirror. Really, what do you have? Really, what do you need? Really, what do others need? [Pause for consideration and action.] Now, really, what do you still have?

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