Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19

Pentecost +13 - Year C 

Who is this “they” who have burned an emblematic vineyard? It is the other part of a sibling squabble.

 What is not addressed is the expected parental/prophetic question, “What did you do that led to their burning the vineyard?” This story is as old as the hills and as recent as any child.

So here we have an attempt to sway the parental unit with partial information, what those others did, and what we promise will be different.

While this represents an all too human game of “You and Them Fight”, it really does need some questions asked.
  • What is your part in your circumstance?
  • What makes you think you don’t deserve the same recompense?
  • What part of your promise can be practiced now to better show your intent for later?
  • Why expect G*D to immediately change if you are only going to promise some future change?
  • Why would restoration be what you are after? Previous privilege didn’t go so well, what would make you think this will be sufficient to not end up in the same position in another generation? and
  • Do you not know that a shining face will reveal yourself as well as another?

Guess what, you could have seen this coming and been proactive in doing something about it. Why the obliviousness? Why the reactivity? Learn! Replant!

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