Thursday, February 20, 2014

1 Corinthians 3:1-11, 16-23

Year A - Epiphany 7 or Guiding Gift 7
February 23, 2014

Jesus says, “But I say to you . . . .”

Paul says, “Don’t you know that . . . .”

The import is similar; there’s a change coming. The locus of authority is different.

It would have been interesting sit in on the discussion of why the elision of verses 12-15. In these verses everyone is responsible for their own consequences. Decisions, choices, actions can build on the givens differently. Folks will have to work out whether those are determinative of outcome.

If the outcome is some “worth” of outcome, everyone would seem to be in trouble. If the outcome is based on an hospitable, generous, merciful G*D (one step beyond a Christ), then even those temporarily or periodically on the outs are now and forever welcomed in.

This is worth a wrestle. While doing so you may find yourself pondering verses 22b-23.

But I say to you and don’t you know that there is danger in neat little analogs. They usually extend too far or stop too short. How do you read: all belongs to you —> you belong to Christ —> Christ belongs to G*D —> ??G*D belongs to “all”. It is intended to be this circular? Is this one step too far? Is it still far too short?

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