Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Isaiah 58:1-9a, (9b-12)

Year A - Epiphany 5 or Guiding Gift 5
February 9, 2014

Live your reality, don’t hold back. We need many analyses of our situation. Easy answers and deeper responses help one another clarify where we are and are not.

If we are interested in participating in divining a movement beyond our current limits it is important to draw near to a creating, repenting and resurrecting G*D. This will let us be honest about the way in which we excuse our oppression of others because of our particular religious practices, theories, creeds. To use the fasting example as a stand in for any and all ritualistic responses to lived experience shows how in our fast from available food we can so easily begin to blame those without food for their hunger.

If fasting doesn’t sensitize us to another’s hunger so we will share our bread, our space, our time, then our analysis is only blame, not change.

Receive this blessing:
     May your light gently and gradually dawn
     and be received as healing 

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