Monday, February 03, 2014

Matthew 5:13-20

Year A - Epiphany 5 or Guiding Gift 5
February 9, 2014

Prophets are salty and enlightening. Priests and Ordinary Folk also carry saltiness and enlightenment with them—it is just not as focused, public, and consistent. This is an import of verse 20 asking for exceeding care for creation and all its fiddly bits.

These edgy qualities need nurture for them to fulfill their potential in us. There are many traditional, cultural, and political boundaries to prophetic living and so it is important to have a continuing vision that salt and light are critical to the life of the world. It is all too easy to let this vision be worn away by the cares of the day.

Please don’t get hung up with the fundamental mistake that keeping rules keeps us safe. This is about attending to the gift given us to clearly look at the way we are doing business with one another and making those eternal adjustments that continue our connection with the good-doing that reveals present glory to and in all.

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